Welcome World-Voices Organization (WoVO) Union Members!

As a union member you are eligible for a valuable array of employer-paid benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan, unemployment and many others.

At Falcon we know the intricacies of the union rules and the tools that are available so that you can increase the amount of your union work.

With Falcon you also:

And the whole process is done courteously and efficiently without disrupting your relationships with clients or agents.


If you are not incorporated, please complete and return the I-9 and W-4 Forms. 
If you are incorporated, please complete and return the I-9 and W-9 Forms. 


Call your Falcon at 800-515-9896 x2 before booking a job unless you are completely sure about how much you need to charge for proper compensation.


When you complete a job, tell the producer that they will be getting an invoice from your billing service – Falcon Paymasters.

Complete the Falcon Employment Agreement/Time Sheet and Fax of email it to Falcon.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to obtain signed confirmation of the job.  Please have the producer sign the completed Employment Agreement / Time Sheet and forward it to Falcon via fax or email.  If you have an outstanding (good credit) relationship with the producer, an unsigned agreement for each job can be sent by you to Falcon without the producer’s signature. 

When the check is received we will promptly process payment, taxes, union benefits (if applicable), etc., and send the check to AFTRA (if it is an AFTRA job) or directly to you or your agent, if it is a SAG or non-union job.


What kind of work can I do?  Category I and II Non-Broadcast Industrial Educational. For broadcast, please talk with us ahead of time.

When do I get paid?  We process and mail checks within 2 business days of receipt of payment.

Will I get residuals?  If residuals are called for, and you are charging accordingly, they will be billed for you.  Falcon tracks use cycles and sends written cycle renewal reminders to the producer 4-5 weeks prior to the expiration of a cycle.

Does Falcon withhold taxes?  If you are treated as an employee then we will withhold, remit and report applicable Federal and State taxes.  If you are incorporated, no taxes are withheld.  At the end of the year, you will receive a W-2 if you are classified as an employee.

Who does the billing?  Falcon does the billing.  Just tell the client that “My billing service – Falcon Paymasters will be sending the bill.”

What if the client wants to send the check directly to the performer?  Although this is not the preferred method, if the producer does this, you must endorse the producer’s check to Falcon Enterprises, Inc. and mail it to us. 

Where do I mail checks?  Please have checks sent via USPS to our bank lock box at:

Falcon Enterprises, Inc.


Columbus, OH 43082


The lock box does not accept UPS or FedEx, please call us for alternative delivery instructions.

Where do I send my timesheet?  Send them to mail@falconpaymasters.com or fax to 800-559-6402

More Questions?  Call 800-515-9896 x2 for Tom Allamon or email us at mail@falconpaymasters.com

Forms for Download:

I-9 (Everyone)


W-4 (for non-incorporated talent)


W-9 (for incorporated talent)


Time Sheet / Employment Agreement (submit one for each job)